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The real alternative to bending!

Are you also tired of being punished with backache after working in the garden?
Or that your hard work is full of pests within 3 days?
If you could only answer one of the two questions with yes, then we now have something very special for YOU.

With the intention of solving the above mentioned problems, we came across something already known, but have developed it further.

Many know them, many love them, the raised beds.

However, there is a problem with the traditional wooden raised beds,

Wood insulates very badly!

Yes, you have heard correctly wood insulates badly.


Perhaps you're wondering now: Wait a minute, why do I need an insulating raised bed?

Quite simply, we only use GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic) for our raised beds. The advantage: GRP insulates heat, which is retained in the bed. This allows not only earlier sowing, but also earlier and even multiple harvesting.
If you choose wood, you can plant and harvest from about April to the end of August.
However, if you choose a raised bed made of GRP, you can sow and harvest on average one month earlier and one month longer.


The advantages

Compared to other materials such as wood or metal, our raised bed made of GRP has a particularly long service life, protective coatings are not required.
In addition, the walls are made of hollow profiles, which provides insulation against cold as well as preserving heat in the bed.
Your plants grow faster.

  •     No annoying bending

  •     Comfortable care while standing

  •     Soil quality of the garden is irrelevant

  •     Good climate, thanks to special filling

  •     No garden necessary

  •     Several harvests per year if compost is used

  •     Hard to reach for pests

  •     No protective agent necessary

  • Choose a sunny location in a north-south direction - this is the most effective way to use the sun's rays.
  • The ground should be even. You should reach the raised bed from all sides.