GRP Fences

Reliable and versatile

They are mainly used where corrosion resistance and electrical insulation are required.
GRP fences offer protection and reliability and are also versatile, e.g. as gate elements, balcony cladding or screens. They have GFK-typical material properties such as freedom from maintenance and easy processing without special tools. A wide range of colours and different mesh designs allow creative freedom.


Mesh Grids

for simple and cost-effective construction of fences

Strong and flexible

Advantages of Reinforced Plastics

  • radar-transparent
  • operating conditions from -100°C to +180°C
  • self extinguishing and halogen free
  • linear behaviour
  • low weight
  • electrical insulating
  • chemical resistant
  • corrosion and weather resistant
  • UV resistant
  • high strength
  • easy assembly, short construction period
  • metal free - non-magnetic
  • electrical grounding is not required
  • no further maintenance is necessary
  • easy to work on, even on-site with the use of common hand tools
  • no ridges when drilling and sawing
  • for indoor and outdoor application